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Matt started working in the industry while going to high school in Anchorage, AK. He spent each summer evening working nights at Movers Inc. throwing boxes of fish, cross-docking trucks, and maintaining tallies on customers inventories.


After attending the University of Nevada and the University of Alaska Anchorage, where he studied Logistics and Supply Chain Management he decided to join the corporate world dedicating 6 years to Lynden, a world class transportation company based out of Alaska.


While at Lynden he was named Sales Person of the Year, the youngest in Lynden history, with the quickest timeline since point of hire, and managed some of the companies largest key accounts.


Matt brings a wealth of transportation experience to Bolding’s and loves the challenge of putting complex logistical puzzles together.


Kristen started her transportation working life at the age of 13 with her Dad, When Bob Bolding decided to sell his trucking company, Food Transportation Services to Sourdough Express.


At that time both Kristen and Bob began working for Sourdough Express. After six years Bob decided to start a transportation brokerage business, Kristen was by his side every step of the way while juggling work, high school, and thrucollege. She graduated from Eastern Washington University with a bachelors degree in Psychology.


Kristin has been running Bolding’s single handedly since Bob sold the business in 2010. Kristen follows a relational business model and finds motivation in sealing business deals where all parties succeed. She is tirelessly focusing on both the carrier and her customer.


She is motivated by seeing the "win win” scenarios this business has provided an abundance of.


"We're all working together; that's the secret".

Sam Walton

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